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If you suffer from stress-related illness, chronic health issues, or simply want to relax–

Life Vessel of Utah offers the only Life Vessel relaxation therapy in the state. Backed by over 20 years of rigorous testing, development and research, the Life Vessel addresses the entire body as a whole rather than simply focusing on one symptom or system.  The technologically advanced relaxation therapy is non-invasive, has no contraindications, and is a FDA-approved device to help you achieve a wide range of benefits.

Dr. Christine Horner discusses the Life Vessel

Better Sleep

Sufficient quality sleep is a critical part of a healthy lifestyle, and has important benefits on your heart, weight, mind, and more.   Quality sleep helps improve memory, learning and creativity while enhancing mental performance and decreasing depression.  Studies have also shown better sleep reduces inflammation and the impact of stress in the body, helps with weight loss, and even helps you live longer!

Those who use the Life Vessel report more restful, satisfying and deeper sleep and enjoy all the benefits associated with this important aspect of your health.

Stress Reduction

Today, each of us is under enormous amounts of stress when compared to previous generations.  Constant sensory overload, as well as environmental toxins and stressors can overwhelm and weaken the body over time. When you are able to reduce stress through proven therapies like the Life Vessel, you reap all the benefits of reducing stress.  These benefits include improved immune function, with fewer illnesses and physical complaints, and higher energy levels.  Moods improve and it’s easier to maintain a more focused, positive outlet and calm mood. Reducing stress helps you feel more relaxed, sleep better, and even improves digestion!

Life Vessel users are able to effectively reduce stress and reap the physical, mental, and emotional rewards for significantly increased well being.

increased energy stretching in sunny park

Higher Energy Levels

As we age and undergo stress, our energy reserves get worn down.  We start feeling limited in our ability to generate and maintain energy and may even lose interest in things that used to bring joy and add to our quality of life.  The Life Vessel has a restoring impact over the entire body, both resolving areas of stress and increasing and providing the deep relaxation and rest the body needs to return to more energetic activity.

Many users report significantly higher energy levels after experiencing the Life Vessel, and again have the resources to take life on with renewed vibrancy.

increased cognitive abilities

Stronger Cognitive Abilities

Stress, exhaustion, and poor sleep all take a toll on the brain’s function.  The Life Vessel attends to the whole body to resolve the “brain fog” and mental fatigue so common in our fast-paced, high-stress world.  Reclaim your sharpness and mental acuity so you can work and play more effectively.

increase oxygen to the cells

Increased Oxygen to the Cells

The Life Vessel uses the energy of light, sound and vibration to cleanse your body and strengthen your natural defenses.  This results in increased oxygenation so the cells of your body not only function more effectively, they help you look more radiant on the outside, too.

enhanced immune system

Enhanced Immune System

The Life Vessel uses sound, light, and vibration to attend to what your body needs most.  This naturally reduces the burden on the immune system and enables your body to better fight its battles with illness and disease.  In its optimum state of health, your body already has all it needs to keep itself strong.

You owe it to yourself to enjoy the best life possible.

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