Changes Happen at a Really Deep Level

Debbie Coleman, Salt Lake City

My Little Sanctuary…I Send Many, Many Clients There

Nicole DeVaney, Holistic Health Care Practitioner, Salt Lake City, Utah

“I feel happier and better able to handle life.”

The life vessel is a great way to improve your health through detoxing and distressing your body. After my trial visit, I bought a package of 12 more, which was 4 sessions in a 4 days, repeated every 3 weeks x 3. I was instructed to drink lots of water, which I did. Your body is working to de-tox and destress, and I did feel tired for a day or two after, but I am very happy with the results. I definitely have more energy and sleep better. There are mental health benefits as well, I feel happier and better able to handle life.

There are different programs, I like some better than others; Marilynn said that the ones I didn’t like as well may be because my body needs more work in those areas, and that if I had a the same program later on, my experience might be different. I am 60 years old and in general good health, but was very lacking in energy. Other members of my family have tried the vessel and like it as well. My daughter and son-inlaw, also my 18-year old son used it to help clear Accutane out of his system at the end of his treatment for acne.

We give it a 5-Star rating! Thanks Marilynn for bringing the vessel to Utah!!!

Vicky Morris, Holladay, Utah

Dr. Christine Horner Speaks on Life Vessel Benefits


“The Radiant Health Show with Dr. Christine Horner”

  The Life Vessel: Using Sound, Frequency, and Vibration to Heal

Introduction: My guest this week is Todd Strane, the president of Life Vessel Wellness, Inc. In this 2-part interview, he discusses a fascinating device called “The Life Vessel,” an FDA cleared medical device that uses sound, frequency, and vibration to ehnance your body’s own ability to heal by inducing a profound relaxation and rebalancing of the body.  Hear full show here.

The LIFT of a Pain Free Life!

The Life Vessel has given me the “LIFT” of nearly a pain free life!

After caring for my sweetheart after he had a stroke, I was left with ‘severe pain’ in my arms, neck, and shoulders. I was also very fragile emotionally.

I am now strong emotionally and I am ready to take life on!

Thank you “life Vessel”!!!

I am living life again!

–LouAnn Campbell Draper UT

My Healthiest Self–Spiritually, Emotionally, Physically

The Life Vessel

Is like

Returning to the womb and emerging my

Healthiest self

Spiritually, Emotionally, Physically

–Sherri Ann Jensen

Chiropractic Office: “Amazed at the results of the Life Vessel”

I am relatively new to the Life Vessel. I have had my vessel for approximately two months. I wanted to share a coupe of personal testimonies with everyone.

I recently hurt my knee and while I was waiting to see the doctor, I did a Life Vessel session. I couldn’t believe how much better I felt immediately after exciting the Vessel. Still some pain but I felt better. I ended up having to have surgery, so within about 6 hours post op, I did another vessel session.  Again, I was much better and walking without any pain this time.

My assistant indicated to me that she was in a great deal of pain one day at the office while I was gone. She said her back locked up on her and she was actually in tears. We use a cold laser and so she ran it on herself and then did a Vessel session. She texted me the next day to tell me that she was at least 75% better with minimal pain and walking fine.

We are all amazed at the results of the Life Vessel and are finding more ways to get our structural patients into it. In fact, we might have all our new patients do a least one

Vessel session a part of their treatment!

(I am a Chiropractor who specializes in Kinesiology)

–Kelley Arnold